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Turning Young Managers Into Bold Leaders During Volatile & Uncertain Times

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Registration closes on 14 Feb 2021Limited to 20 candidates only.

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The Demands Expected of a Manager Today is Greater than Ever?

82% of employees don't trust their boss to tell the truth

79% of employees cite the 'Lack of Appreciation' as the reason for quitting

Managers account for 70% of employee motivation & happiness

58% of managers say they did not receive any management training

A strong workplace culture can improve productivity by up to 25%

With such demands, these are some of the difficulties you might be facing

Being promoted to a leadership role faster also means you could be managing a team of more experienced staff

On top of being competent, you are also required to develop a positive work environment where everyone feels appreciated and motivated.

You often feel alone as the decisions you make have a big impact on the company, and you are constantly balancing the demands of your boss and your team.

About The iLEAD Project

At Voices of Asia, we knew that for The iLEAD Project to be effective,

we needed to be BOLD. So...

We are offering this exclusive 6-month Leadership Program to you FREE!

We have brought in some of the most successful & credible industry leaders to Mentor you.

We have invited highly sought after Leadership Trainers with a Co-learning

We're BOLD enough. Are you?

Program Date: Mar - Aug 2021

Registration closes on 14 Feb 2021Limited to 20 candidates only.

Lives Impacted through iLEAD...

At The iLEAD Project, we believe that every young manager in the Workforce deserves to lead boldly in every season.

Bryan Ching, SME Business Owner, Marketing Industry

Through my iLEAD mentor, I've grown in my communication skills as a leader. The practical advise I received on how to keep my team highly motivated, play to their strengths, and frame them to constantly improve. I'm now also more firm as a leader, and they appreciate that.

Jane Yang, HR Manager, Hotel Industry

My mentor, Lau Wah Yuen, has raised my confidence level as a HR Manager. Being more assertive and learning how to give constructive feedback to my stakeholders did not just help me in my work, but in my personal life too!

Yenni Wijaya, Team Leader, Banking Industry

At the start, I had difficultly managing my team of 5 staff. Some of them were older than I and even gave me a tough time. Thanks to The iLEAD Project and my mentor, Alby, I have learnt how to deal with difficult staff, and have been empowered to competently manage my team that has since DOUBLED in size. 

Dawn Tan, Asst Manager, Hotel Industry

I've always had trouble handling difficult conversations as a manager. The SBI approach by our Trainer, Benjamin Loh, was really helpful to manage conversations with authority at work.

What you will get from this program!


Allow your leadership style to shine at your work place. Our successful & professional industry leaders will provide you immediate insight and practical perspectives to challenging issues you face at work.

Leadership Training & Co-learning

Fast track your leadership skills in half the time! We have invited some of the most sought after Leadership Trainers in Singapore to help you navigate through your leadership journey. We also have incorporated co-learning discussions that focuses on internal breakthroughs as well as driving action

Networking with the best leaders

Increase your Network, increase your Networth! Yes, joining this program will exponentiate your growth for FREE. But more importantly, this places you in a network of highly successful industry leaders, as well as leaders of tomorrow. 

Registration closes on 14 Feb 2021Limited to 20 candidates only.

iLEAD Project Qualifying Criteria

You qualify for The iLEAD Project if you meet the following criteria:

  • A first-time and/or first year manager.
  • Aged 21-35 years old this year
  • A Business Owner/Entrepreneur who is managing a team
  • Committed to developing your growth as a Bold Leader
  • Able to commit to a 6-month mentorship, as well as our monthly evening training sessions.
  • Have an abundant mindset and willing to contribute back to society.

Program Date: Mar - Aug 2021

Registration closes on 14 Feb 2021Limited to 20 candidates only.